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  • Coleman Marine Coolers
    Coleman Marine Coolers
    Keeps food, beverages or your catch cold, even trips lasting for days. Lids are UV-resistant and have rust-resistant hardware. Keeps ice solid up to five days at 90 F. Made in USA.Available:28-qt. Marine 19.7"L x 12.01"W x 13.69"H. Holds up to 36 cans. 36-qt. Xtreme Marine Plus 26"L x 14.75"W x 14"H. Holds up to 46 cans. 58-qt. Ultimate Xtreme Marine 29"L x 14"W x 18"H. Holds up to 75 cans. 70-qt. Xtreme Marine Plus 30.75"L x 15.75"W x 17.625"H. Holds up to 98 cans.100-qt. Xtreme Marine Plus 36.5"L x 17"W x 17.25"H. Holds up to 130 cans. 150-qt. Heritage Marine Plus 44.5"L x 19.5"W x 18.5"H. Holds up to 223 cans. The 150-quart model has a textured exterior that resists scuffs. Two dividers double as cutting boards. Split lid with separate latches. Coolers feature a fish-measuring scale. Marine drain fits standard garden hose.
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