Tri-van Vanishing Rest Arrow Rest

  • Tri-van Vanishing Rest Arrow Rest
    Tri-van Vanishing Rest Arrow Rest
    Arrow Rests
    Mid Atlantic Archery
    Experience faster arrow speeds, flatter trajectories and zero vane damage from an innovative new total-arrow-capture rest that is a breakthrough in archery technology. Unlike drop-away rests, Tri-Van Vanishing Rest secures your arrow regardless of bow angle. It maintains that control of the arrow silently through the length of your draw. Then, upon release, the three supporting arms instantly retract into the housing of the rest, giving your arrow a clear, frictionless path of flight. This absence of friction means greater velocity measured in tests to be as much as 12 fps over other bristle-type capture rests. Increased speed means flatter arrow trajectory and more kinetic energy delivered to the target. And the Tri-Van Vanishing Rest won't damage vanes or fletching. It works equally well with carbon- and aluminum-shaft arrows. Fits right- or left-hand bows.
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