Dakota Full Body Canada Goose Decoys

  • Dakota Full Body Canada Goose Decoys
    Dakota Full Body Canada Goose Decoys
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    Dakota Decoy
    It's clear that hunters are searching for decoys that look like live geese and, just as importantly, offer durability at an affordable price. A group of hunters from Vermillion, South Dakota decided to meet this need. From prototypes carved by a world-class decoy artist, each Dakota Decoy is precision-molded using virtually indestructible polyethylene. The hand-painted bodies have a natural brown base color that actually adds goose-fooling "worn-in" character after a few seasons. Below thick, durable flocking, the heads are black polyethylene. Like the bodies, this base color hides inevitable wear marks from trailers, pit blinds and off-season storage. The hunter-friendly Wind Walker system delivers a waddling action with a molded-in motion limiter and stretch-cord legs. Metal bases stabilize the Dakotas in high winds. Bases and bodies act as one unit when assembled for fast spread adjustments. Per 4. Available:Active: two short, one curved, one searching headFeeder: three traditional, one aggressive feeder headLooker: four upright heads
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