Arched Folding Atv Ramps

  • Arched Folding Atv Ramps
    Arched Folding Atv Ramps
    Atv Transport storage
    Yukon Tacks
    Easy to store and transport, these folding ramps are the convenient alternative to non-folding ramps. Arched design allows them to load low-clearance machinery with ease. They're perfectly sized for short-bed pickups when folded. Tread-gripping mesh surface delivers excellent traction. Crafted of welded aluminum with heavy-duty welded hinges. Rubber-coated tabs prevent tailgate scratches. Adjustable straps or chains secure ramps in place. Per pair.Capacity: 750 lbs. (single ramp), 1,500 lbs. (pair).Weight: 35 lbs. per pair.Dimensions (single ramp): Open: 12" x 89", Folded: 12" x 44-1/2".
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