Horizon Hobby Radio-control Airplanes

  • Horizon Hobby Radio-control Airplanes
    Horizon Hobby Radio-control Airplanes
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    HobbyZone's radio-control airplanes make it safe, simple and fun for almost anyone to learn the basics of RC flight. Each model includes everything you need to begin flying in a matter of minutes. The Mini Super Cub and Super Cub feature Anti-Crash Technology (ACT ) that uses special optical sensors and software to analyze your flight path, ensuring your first flights are smooth and stable. If ACT senses you are losing control and entering a steep dive, it reacts quickly to help prevent a crash by helping you'regain control. After you ve mastered the basics, you can flip the switch on the transmitter, even while in flight, and turn Anti-Crash Technology off. With ACT off, your plane will be capable of more advanced maneuvers such as steep turns and loops. Minimum age recommendation for airplanes is 14 years. No experience necessary.Available: Champ (HBZ 4900) A re-creation of Aeronca's beloved tail-wheel airplane. The small size and lightweight, durable construction let you fly with confidence in spaces as small as your own backyard. The Champ's radio system uses the same Spektrum 2.4GHz DSM2 technology that is trusted by experienced RC pilots all around the world, ensuring complete freedom from signal interference whenever you fly. Wingspan: 20.3 in. Overall length: 14.3 in. Flying weight: 1.3 oz. Mini Super Cub (HBZ4800) Equipped with the safety and security of HobbyZone's exclusive ACT , the Mini Super Cub ensures smooth and steady flying right from the start. This smaller version of the classic Super Cub offers true-scale flying thrills with three-channel control, making it an ideal introduction to the world of RC flight. Wingspan: 31.75 in. Overall length: 21.5 in. Flying weight: 7 oz. Transmitter range: 1300 ft. Super Cub (HBZ 7300) Authentic scale looks and gentle flying characteristics put this classic Cub trainer in a class all its own. Beyond being a great way to teach yourself RC fundamentals, the ACT-equipped Super Cub LP also offers exciting options...
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