Cabelas Outfitter Xl Cot Four-piece Combo With Cot Tree

  • Cabelas Outfitter Xl Cot Four-piece Combo With Cot Tree
    Cabelas Outfitter Xl Cot Four-piece Combo With Cot Tree
    Everything you need to get the most from your Outfitter XL is now available in a money-saving combo. This complete set includes the Outfitter XL Cot, XL Cot-Side Nightstand , Cot Tree and an Deluxe Outfitter XL Cot Pads. All accessories are sized just for the Outfitter XL Cot, so you'll enjoy maximum comfort and convenience. Constructed with a heavy-duty 600-lb. weight capacity and sporting a huge 85"L x 40"W x 19"H setup size, our Outfitter XL Cot gives you the strength and support of your full-size bed at home. The cot's innovative rubber leg bushing absorb shock and add firm support to eliminate the sagging and bowing common with other cots. Reinforced legs combined with 600-denier nylon fabric for season after season of lasting performance. A lightweight aluminum frame with reinforced endears delivers quick, hassle-free setup. Cot-Side Nightstand has a full-length rear compartment that facilitates sliding in a rifle or shotgun for safe keeping. And it has multiple compartments for your medication, clothing, toiletries and more. Cot and Nightstand fold down separately cot packs down to a small 42" x 9" x 7" for storage in the included nylon carry bag. Weight capacity: 600 lbs. Carry weight: 26 lbs. Imported.The patented Cot-Side Nightstand keeps your personal belongings organized and at your fingertipsThe patented Cot Tree has five hooks for hanging gear. Hang your light or wet clothes over top bar. Poles adjust in height from 46" to 66" for various tent wall heights. Center pole is adjustable for width. Poles compact for storage.The Deluxe Outfitter XL Cot Pads are padded with thick, 3" open-cell foam, to make camping comfortable. Built-in attachment/roll-up straps with quick-release buckles keep pad properly positioned on cot and ensure compact transport and storage.
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