Humminbird 800 C Series Color Sonar/gps

  • Humminbird 800 C Series Color Sonar/gps
    Humminbird 800 C Series Color Sonar/gps
    Comb Sonar gps Units
    With the advantage of Humminbird's Down Imaging , Side Imaging and SwitchFire sonar, you'll be the proud owner of one of the most versatile fish-finding systems on the water.Humminbird SwitchFire Sonar gives you the power to choose how returns are displayed, so you can adjust with the fishing conditions making our down-looking sonar an even more valuable fish-finding tool. Max Mode lets you see the tiniest subsurface object even thermoclines and water currents for complete underwater coverage. Clear Mode uses Time Variable Gain software to sift through sonar returns to display only fish and structure. It's great for fishing in shallow and rough water or reducing undesired clutter in the water column. With a spacious 7" screen featuring a 16:9 aspect ratio, you get crystal-clear image quality. Also has Contour XD , GPS track and chart-plotting. Choose between the 858c, or the 898c SI with Down Imaging/Side Imaging Sonar that gives you a complete 180 view. Down Imaging provides picture-like views directly below the boat, while Side Imaging shows structure out to 240 feet on either side. Available: 858c, 898c SI.
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