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Luxury Lite Ul Cot

  • Luxury Lite Ul Cot
    Luxury Lite Ul Cot
    Luxurylite Gear
    The Luxury Lite UL Cot is the most comfortable lightweight cot in the industry today. At less than 3lbs., it's perfect for your backcountry adventure. Packing down to only 16" long and 5" in diameter. It packs so small it will fit inside a pannier, backpack, kayak or saddlebag. The tough, waterproof Dimension Polyant laminated sail fabric is mildew- and mold-resistant, won't absorb water and blocks out harmful UV rays. It has a carry weight of 2 lbs. 2 oz. for those weighing less than 200 lbs. Comes with extra support components to accommodate sleepers weighing up to 325 lbs. The side poles are made with gold-anodized Easton 7075-T9 aluminum. The durable nylon feet disperse weight to save on your tent's floor. People 7' tall will sleep great on the Luxury Lite UL Cot because there's no crossbars at the top or bottom to hit your head or feet on. Fits in most backpacking tents because of its low rise only 4.5" off the ground. If it doesn't fit in your tent, no problem just slide it under the tent, tarp or bivy floor. Use your Cabela's series pad or any closed-cell pad on top for cold-weather camping. Made in USA.
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