Parker Tornado Perfect Storm Package

  • Parker Tornado Perfect Storm Package
    Parker Tornado Perfect Storm Package
    Cross Bows
    A top-notch package including the Parker Tornado crossbow. Package comes with everything you need to enjoy outstanding performance. Bullpup trigger configuration promotes a powerful 12-1/8" power stroke in one of the shortest, lightest and most compact crossbows ever built. Launching bolts at a sizzling 330 fps, the Tornado generates over 100 ft.-lbs. of kinetic energy. Advanced G2 trigger system features crisp movement with virtually no travel. Automatic safety system can be cocked in any position and automatically sets to safe position. Anti-dry-fire device prevents accidental firing without a bolt in position. Machined-aluminum riser and barrel. Thumbhole pistol-grip stock. Soft-touch textured finish enhances grip and cheek weld in any weather. Power stroke: 12-1/8".Draw weight: 165 lbs. Stock length: 34-1/2". Width: 21-3/4". Weight: 8.05 lbs.Camo pattern: Next Camo G1 Vista .Tornado Perfect Storm Package includes: the Tornado HP crossbow topped with an illuminated multireticle crossbow scope, quick-detach quiver, six Red Hot high-velocity bolts, Red Hot roller-rope cocker, six Red Hot Crosspro 100-gr. broadheads, six 100-gr. match-weight field points, Red Hot crossbow sling, Red Hot wax and lube kit, and Red Hot soft crossbow case.
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