Winduk Guides Choice Duck Decoys

  • Winduk Guides Choice Duck Decoys
    Winduk Guides Choice Duck Decoys
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    A light 5 mph breeze is all it takes to set these new wind-powered duck decoys into motion. And with the updated body shape and detailed screen-printed duck image results in a lifelike landing decoy. Because they are completely wind powered, you'll never have to worry about dead batteries or belts slipping. And the unique silhouette body works just like a weather vane, so it stays pointing into the wind at all times. The body is constructed of durable one-piece injection-molded, high-impact nylon that will withstand the effects of wind and foul weather. Shielded precision-ground bearings rotate the wings smoothly and quietly so ducks won't flare at the last second. The airfoil wings remove easily for storage on the way to and from the blind. Easily attaches to a 1/2" conduit pole (not included) for quick assembly in the field.Weight: 1.5 pounds.Dimensions: 18.5"L x 5"W.Wing span: 28".Available: Mallard, Pintail.
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