Zeiss Victory Prf Rangefinder

  • Zeiss Victory Prf Rangefinder
    Zeiss Victory Prf Rangefinder
    Introducing the world's first monocular laser rangefinder outfitted with an LED display and Ballistic Information System - BIS. This versatile, compact unit houses a powerful 1,300-yard laser rangefinder teamed with the same BIS found in Zeiss Victory RF binoculars. The 26mm objective lens and 8X magnification deliver bright, detailed images, even in low-light conditions. Not only will you see the distance to your target in the display, but you'll also see hold-over information. Just match the monocular's BIS with your load's trajectory by choosing one of the included ballistic programs. Pressing the measurement button activates the illuminated reticle. Release the button to display range to target in yards or meters. You'll be impressed by the brightness and clarity of the LED display compared with standard LCDs used on other rangefinders. The comfortable eyecups have click stops. An integrated diopter adjustment tailors viewing to your eyes. Scan mode delivers multiple ranges quickly. Durable rubber armor reduces noise and absorbs shock. Waterproof to 1 meter for 5 minutes. Power is supplied by a CR-2 lithium battery.
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