Lowrance Reconditioned Hds-7 Insight Without Transducer

  • Lowrance Reconditioned Hds-7 Insight Without Transducer
    Lowrance Reconditioned Hds-7 Insight Without Transducer
    Comb Sonar gps Units
    Enter the new era of fish finding with the HDS series by Lowrance. With Lowrance s-exclusive Broadband Sounder you will see fish you couldn t see before. This award-winning fish-finding technology displays more targets with greater sensitivity and higher definition. You get superior target marking in all conditions, so you can find more fish hiding in any cover. Bottom contours will show up better than ever. The advantages don t stop there. You ll always know where you are on the water thanks to the super-sensitive internal GPS antenna. It s also fully compatible with Sirius real-time weather and radio services available through affordable inland and offshore packages. Use the built-in Ethernet connection to share high-speed, high-bandwidth data with all HDS displays on your boat, including sonar graphs, navigation and Sirius weather/radio and radar. The HDS-7 features a panoramic 6.4" SVGA display with crystal-clear 480x640-pixel resolution. One-year warranty.Choose exclusive Lowrance mapping plus Insight high-definition charts or the enhanced U.S. basemap:All HDS chart-plotter models with the enhanced U.S. basemap feature complete U.S. geographical coverage for more than 100,000 bodies of water and nearly 5,000 enhanced U.S. lakes with highly detailed shorelines and depth contoursInsight high-definition mapping delivers unprecedented detail with lightning-fast map-screen updatesInsight USA combines inland and coastal coverage of Lake Insight , including more than 60,000 marked Fishing Hot SpotsCompatible with complete range of Navionics mapping cartridges, including Platinum and Platinum PlusAll HDS units feature Turboview for enhanced viewing with top-of-the-line Navionics Platinum 3-D chartsHDS chartplotters are fully compatible with all Lowrance plug-and-play choices, including Lake Master Pro Maps, Fishing Hot Spots Pro, NauticPath and FreedomMaps Lowrance HDS-7 includes:User-friendly menu display lets you fly through control functions with ease...
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