Kodabow K-200 Hunter Package

  • Kodabow K-200 Hunter Package
    Kodabow K-200 Hunter Package
    Cross Bows
    The choice of performance-minded hunters for its tactical-grade components and made-in-USA craftsmanship. Hunter-friendly highlights include fully adjustable six-position AR-15 style stock, AR-15 seven-position vertical grip with recessed storage compartment; AR-15 pistol grip; easy field string change with the destringing aid; and handguard. Attach any standard rail accessory such as a bipod, light or laser forward of the grip to the extended rail system. Crisp 4-lb. Cam Following Trigger? delivers pinpoint accuracy. The 200-lb. camo limbs unleash bolts at speeds up to 330 fps with a flat trajectory and 94 ft.-lbs. of kinetic energy. The reduced-distance 14" power stroke reduces overall effort required to cock the bow. Rope-cocking system centers the string with perfect alignment. Kodabow crossbows do not fire without an arrow on the rail depressing the dry fire mechanism. Anti-dry fire indicator lever visually shows mechanism activation. Integrated sound dampening on the string and the solid Solid Rail Technology? rail system eliminate noise and vibration. Fully machined rail and riser. Made in USA.Crossbow length: 34.5"-38" with adjustable stock. Weight: 8.3 lbs. (without optics).Camo pattern:Mossy Oak? New Break-Up? Hunter accessory pack includes: crossbow; installed and pre-sighted Hawke 3x32 multireticle scope, scope rings and mount; sling, rope cocking aid with stock adapter; destringing aid; silicone bowstring wax; three premium gold-tips carbon-fiber arrows with 100-gr. field points and backpack/belt quiver.
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