Cabelas 30mm Tactical Classic Riflescopes

  • Cabelas 30mm Tactical Classic Riflescopes
    Cabelas 30mm Tactical Classic Riflescopes
    Riflescopes 30mm
    Larger, tactical-grade 30mm tubes deliver more range of adjustment and maximum brightness for surgical long-range performance. And the Alaskan Guide name means you're getting a scope built with premium components to Cabela's strictest quality standards. Each is made to extremely tight tolerances for crunch-time dependability and edge-to-edge clarity in the worst environments imaginable. Cutting-edge Guidetech broadband lens technology delivers 99.95% light transmission for brightness- and contrast-optimizing performance in low-light conditions. This groundbreaking lens-coating process creates an invisible bond between the glass and the multilayered coatings for extra-hard durability. Precision-enhancing, three-dimensional forging produces one-piece tubes with the highest internal performance tolerances and rugged strength. All components are machined to military-grade tolerances for smooth, reliable operation. Low-profile turrets with 1 4-MOA click windage and elevation adjustments. Hard-blasted anodized finish for lasting durability and corrosion resistance. Generous 3.7" eye relief for fast target acquisition. Moisture- and dust-repelling lenses.
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