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Minox Hg Br Binoculars

  • Minox Hg Br Binoculars
    Minox Hg Br Binoculars
    Full Size Binoculars
    Minox continues a tradition of optics innovation with the HG series. Engineered in Germany to the highest standards, these binoculars combine elite optics performance with a lower weight and price than similar models from competing brands. M multicoating on the lenses consists of up to 21 layers on the special optical glass from German glass specialist Schott AG. By adapting the various wavelengths of visible light, the coatings increase light transmission to an impressive 92%, while significantly improving brightness, contrast, detail and color rendering. Silver-based MinoBright technology guarantees 99.8% efficiency of the light reflected at the mirror surface. Aspherical lenses enhance contrast and sharpness of the image from edge to edge. Internal anti-reflection and anti-glare coatings improve contrast. One turn of the Quick Close Focus knob adjusts from close-up to infinity. Use the scale on the focusing wheel as a reliable rangefinder. Fully sealed and argon-purged to be waterproof and fogproof. Lightweight magnesium body has rugged body armoring for a secure grip and added protection. Comes with case and neoprene neck strap.
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