Venture Outdoors Modular 5-foot Kick Boat Combo

  • Venture Outdoors Modular 5-foot Kick Boat Combo
    Venture Outdoors Modular 5-foot Kick Boat Combo
    Venture Outdoors
    Now you can purchase the puncture- and leakproof Modular 5 kick boat fully outfitted with popular accessories at an affordable combo price.Combo includes: Modular 5 Kick Boat Get on the water faster. This Kick Boat assembles in about a minute. Its innovative hard-shell pontoons are nearly punctureproof, and they never need inflating. Each pontoon has an 8"-diameter access port for dry storage and a flat-topped design for a tabletop workspace or holding small coolers and tackle boxes. Include four molded-in storage bins, two cup holders and two cloverleaf-shaped holders for foam-handled fish nets. Standard fly-fishing apron with printed measuring scale. Disassembles easily for space-saving transport in most small cars. Fold-down seat. Made in USA. Length: 5 ft. Weight capacity: 275 lbs. Weight: 39 lbs. Dimensions: 60"L x 43"W fully assembled. Venture Outdoors Anchor Kit with Rope It's the easiest way to rig up an anchor to your one-person pontoon. Simply place a 5- to 10-lb. river rock inside the rock bag to anchor. Attaches to craft using secure buckle strap. Includes bag, rope, rope tightener, spring link and D-rings. Made in USA and Imported. (2) Venture Outdoors Modular Gear Sacks Kit includes two gear sacks. The durable, waterproof material keeps your gear organized and dry. Attaches to inside of VO Modular Pontoon access hatches. Made in USA.
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