Kolpin Rhino Cooler Trunk

  • Kolpin Rhino Cooler Trunk
    Kolpin Rhino Cooler Trunk
    Utv ruv Gear Storage
    Mount the Koplin Rhino Cooler Trunk to your UTV and you'll enjoy ice-chilled food, beverages or supplies wherever the trail leads. Its cold-preserving, foam-insulated design houses two 1-cu.-ft. storage areas at the sides and the center .4-cu-ft. area has a removable lid and storage tray. You can separate ice and beverages from dry goods since all compartments are wet or dry storage areas, each equipped with convenient drain plugs. Constructed of heavy-duty, rotomolded and UV-stabilized polyethylene for long-lasting durability. Fits all Rhino models. Made in USA.
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