Panther Marine Motor Tilt And Trim And Electro Steer

  • Panther Marine Motor Tilt And Trim And Electro Steer
    Panther Marine Motor Tilt And Trim And Electro Steer
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    Panther Marine
    Make your day on the water more enjoyable by letting powerful, reliable lifts and brackets raise and lower heavy outboard motors. Models 55 and 135 adapt to clamp-on or bolt-through outboards. Standard BIA bolt pattern.Available:The compact Trim/Tilt 55 matches outboards from 15hp to 55hp weighing up to 250 pounds. It provides an additional 5 of negative tuck for an improved hole shot.The Trim/Tilt 135 is a perfect option for replacing trim/tilt systems on older outboard motors. The heavy-duty aluminum bracket handles outboards up to 135hp or 350 pounds. It maximizes lifting power and tilt range, and allows for increased tuck-under to get heavy boats on plane quickly.The Auxillary Motor Lift 40 is a perfect tilt/trim for the weekend fisherman. The fabricated aluminum bracket will hold two- and four-stroke motors up to 150 lbs. Its powerful actuator provides automatic trim and tilt with the push of a button. Bracket comes with electrical relay, 12-ft. cord and two-button switch. Weighs 21 lbs. and has an 8" setback.Push your motor back an extra 3" with the 3" Spacer Kit for better all-around performance, better motor weight dispersion over the transom and full-tilt motor clearance.The Electro Steer SS 101 kicker motors up to 25hp from anywhere in the boat. It's easy to install anywhere in the transom area, and operates the motor with the push of a button. It will move from full right to left in only four seconds for the fast, precision kicker control necessary for contour trolling. The stainless steel connecting rod between the unit and the kicker easily disconnects. Corrosion-resistant components for saltwater use. 12V operation. 24-ft. cable to the handheld switch. Dimensions: 12" x 6" x 2-1/2". Weight: 6.3 lbs.
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