Cannon Tournament Series Downriggers

  • Cannon Tournament Series Downriggers
    Cannon Tournament Series Downriggers
    White cosmetics and a stainless steel spool give these downriggers a modern look. Capable of handling monofilament line with ease, they also feature a 3-digit depth counter and a heavy-duty telescopic boom. The entire design is engineered to resist and withstand the elements of a harsh saltwater environment. Ball storage hook prevents boat damage. Includes rod holder and low-profile swivel base and line release. The new Uni-Troll Downrigger is a high-speed manual-retrieve unit that has a vertical spool with a clutch/brake system. It comes prespooled with 200 ft. of 150-lb. test cable. The Mag 20DT/TS and Mag 10 DT/TS models also feature: 250 ft./minute retrieval; 20 lb. weight capacity; Positive ion control; Short Stop; IP68 waterproof connector; and are prespooled with 400 ft. of 150-lb. test cable. Advanced electronics on the Mag 20DT/TS allow for networking of up to six Mag 20s using a Humminbird control system (sold separately). The Mag 20 also has an offshore saltwater release. Limited lifetime warranty. Available: Uni-Troll 10 TSMag 10DT/TSMag 20DT/TS
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