Bigfoot Lifesize B2 Decoys

  • Bigfoot Lifesize B2 Decoys
    Bigfoot Lifesize B2 Decoys
    Dark Goose Decoys
    Big Foot Decoys
    Big-time honker-finishing features in a 15%-smaller package. Its realistic body proportions make B2s a great choice for adding spread depth to seal the deal on high-pressured geese. They also have the molded-in feather detail and throw-in-the-truck, kick-across-the-ice durability that make Big Foot decoys legendary. Flocked heads. Active bodies are 26"L from breast to tail. Feeder bodies are 31"L from head to tail. Both styles measure 15-1/2"H x 9-1/2"W. Per 6. Available: Feeder (includes six feeders), Active (includes two feeders, one bull, one upright, one challenger and one resting).
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